Since 1997, Percussion Software's Rhythmyx content management system has been powering the delivery of business-critical content for major corporate clients. Its unique advantage is that it is a fundamentally de-coupled enterprise level CMS with mature workflow, governance and versioning abilities. Of particular interest to many organisations is the ability to deliver content in any format for use by any front-end delivery technology.

Appeto consultants have worked with most of the major UK Percussion clients over the last decade and a half, delivering innovative solutions to complex business requirements. We have built a repository of useful functionality that can enhance any Rhythmyx system, and we can develop ad-hoc solutions to fulfil your needs. There is no more experienced group of Rhythmyx developers in any country.

Why not contact us to see how a mature, proven, enterprise-level Content Management System can empower your users and safeguard your content.

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  • Full-cycle CMS design and development
  • Content migration
  • Custom applications
  • Content editor enhancements
  • Field control enhancements
  • TinyMCE widgets and enhancements

An alternative to Velocity in Rhythmyx

Recently we have developed an alternative method of addressing the Rhythmyx website development cycle that utilises the publishing of JSON data for any content type to allow front-end designers to develop templates using JQuery Handlebars, which are in turn seamlessly utilised by Rhythmyx to publish static HTML pages. This reduces the need for experienced Velocity and Java programmers to develop or modify your system on an ongoing basis - rather any developers need only know Handlebars or any similar front-end technologies.

The area below lists some of the functionality we have available, some of it can be provided to you freely. Please contact us if you'd like any of the available modules or to arrange a demo. All features can be deployed through the Rhythmyx Package Manager.

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Right-click - Set As Landing Page

An XML application that allows any page to instantly be set as the landing page for its Navon. It has the benefit of adding relevant entries into the audit trail of the Navon.

Content Reporting

This module allows editors or managers to filter and report on content through a web application rather than depending on the Excel reporting features native to the core product.

TinyMCE Plug-ins

Some plug-ins for TinyMCE that we found help people work with the interface and perform regular Rhythmyx content editor tasks.

CheckBoxTreeJS Enhancements

This free enhancement will make the Javascript CheckBoxTree behave in a similar fashion to the previous Java based version, while adding the ability to make a CheckBoxTree allow only single selections.

Global Field Replacement

This customisation allows an editor to bulk modify (find/replace) text within a field of any content items within the selected folder or any subfolder.

Move Slot Item Top or Bottom

This simple modification takes the pain out of moving a newly added slot item to the top of a long list of slot items, or a previously added one to the bottom.

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Key Contact - Andrew Allan

Andrew is a CMS (Percussion Rhythmyx), database and all-round web developer, solution architect and director of Appeto.

Key Contact - Mark Moxon

Mark is a CMS consultant, web developer and journalist.