With experience of designing and building database solutions using Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and DB2, Appeto has the in-house skills to deliver any data storage requirement you have.

Database-driven applications often grow to an extent not expected by the original author of those applications, and we have had great success delivering anything from a 30% to 80% improvement in performance from various database-driven content management systems, particularly Percussion Rhythmyx. This experience can translate to any application that uses a RDBMS for data storage.

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  • Database design
  • Data analysis
  • Optimisation
  • Integration

Key Contact - Andrew Allan

Andrew is a CMS (Percussion Rhythmyx), database and all-round web developer, solution architect and director of Appeto.

Key Contact - Jaco Esterhuizen

Jaco is a Java, .NET, Go, MongoDB, SQL (Postgres & MySQL), Docker, Ansible, Unix shell scripting and microservices developer.